Pax Cleaning Kit

The OEM Pax Cleaning Kit is a great kit for getting your Pax clean and operating at full capacity.  The official kit features a collection of pipe cleaners, cleaning wipes and mouthpiece lubricants.  Depending on your usage, this kit should last you between 3-6 months.

The pipe cleaners and cleaning wipes in the Pax Cleaning Kit will get in those hard to reach areas and clean all the necessary areas, whilst the mouthpiece lubricants will keep your mouthpiece running correctly and not getting stuck.

What Is In the Pax Cleaning Kit?

The official cleaning kit from Ploom comes with 20 pipe cleaners, 20 cleaning wipes and 3 mouthpiece lubricants and is available via our favorite reseller VapeWorld.

Buy a Pax Cleaning Kit

Alright, now where can I buy a Pax Cleaning Kit?  Well, right here of course.